A desire for wellness and a passion for the land have led us to this piece of land we call Grazed & Grown farm, the home of the Armstrong family; Pete, Bec, Miah & Skye. It’s no secret that a healthy diet supports a healthy body and a healthy mind; trying to fill the house with incredibly nutritious foods can be challenging. 

Our answer was to grow as much of our own food as possible, and source other foods locally from like minded people. Grazed & Grown Farm is situated on the beautiful Comboyne Plateau on the Mid North Coast of NSW. 

Our passion is in farming the most nutrient dense food possible without the use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. To do this we nurture the land itself through regenerative practices. 

Our ever moving animals shift in a rotational pattern across the pastures, scratching up the earth and trampling in manure as they pass. When they return there is an abundance of lush vegetation and a plethora of insect species to nourish them. 

We are farming to provide ourselves with the most nutrient dense food available. We are working with animal nutritionists and scientists from Australia and abroad to provide a complete balanced diet for the animals, to help reach our goals. It is our pleasure to offer this produce to the local marketplace, direct to our customers and at an affordable cost, because fresh nutritious foods shouldn’t cost the earth.


The Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog or Maremma Sheepdog are guardian dogs indigenous to the Abruzzo and Maremma regions of Italy.They have been used as guardians for herds of sheep for many centuries. When bonded with chickens from a young age, Maremma’s take on the guardian role and protect the chooks from predators.

We have two Maremma’s, Ollie and Ginny. We have found that the two dogs keep each other company, and take on their own shifts. Ollie is our daytime guardian and Ginny takes the night shift. 

We have several types of predators to look out for. Dingo’s, wild dogs and Wedge tail Eagles. We haven’t lost any chickens to predators since employing the dogs.

"I couldn’t be happier with my Grazed and Grown Farm eggs, they tick all the boxes for me."